Welcome to Open Forum


is a free and open source application providing an integrated web server and Wiki.

In addition to the standard Wiki functions of page editing, OpenForum allows the Wiki platform to be extended, # tailored and integrated with existing systems. This is achieved by the use of server side Javascript scripts and Java plugins. The server side scripts can be edited from within the Wiki itself. In fact all the Wiki actions, such as editing pages, uploading attachments and controlling access are defined in Javascript scripts that can be edited from within the Wiki.

OpenForum has the ability to serve real-time content mixed with static content using a number of AJAX style functions.

OpenForum can access databases, REST applications and Xml based web services as well as act as a source of information to other applications.

OpenForum has a rich set of template functions to enable the Wiki to have a consistent look and feel.

OpenForum allows pages to be organised hierarchically with hierarchical templates and access control.